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How to apply paint packaging design in promotion?


Latest company news about How to apply paint packaging design in promotion?

As the saying goes, "Advertising attracts consumers, and terminal packaging moves consumers." Product packaging is a more direct window for consumers to contact home paint brands. Good packaging allows consumers to shine in front of their intimate contact, quickly establish a good impression, and ultimately affect purchase decisions. It can be seen that Autian Planning believes that home paint packaging is a more direct and effective brand promotion method and a more cost-effective way.



1. Special products and special packaging, highlighting their special status


2. Different packages for the same product to achieve different channel pricing


3. Update the packaging of old products to enhance the image and grade


In order to maintain an image of continuous innovation and freshness in a changing market, improving packaging has become a last resort. The introduction of new packaging can reflect product updates and upgrades, and more importantly, can take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the product image grade and price, thereby achieving a dual upgrade of profits and image.

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