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What are the safety precautions for plastic processing?


Latest company news about What are the safety precautions for plastic processing?

(1) Develop safe operating procedures for blow molding processing. When an equipment or personal injury accident occurs, one cannot simply blame the carelessness of one person or group. The management department must be foreseeable and prepared for operational safety and respond quickly to unsafe situations. What is more important is to formulate and revise safe operating procedures in a timely manner, and safety procedures must be enforced.

(2) Prevent personal accidental injury. In order to prevent accidental personal injury, safety protective covers should be installed on the transmission parts of all machines; safety doors should be installed on the product demoulding outlet; safety and thermal insulation protective covers should be installed on the heating area of the machine; crushers should be equipped to prevent steel from falling in and prevent operators from There are protective devices inside the machine when reaching into the machine; emergency brake buttons and alarms should be installed on key parts of the equipment; all pressure vessels should undergo regular hydraulic tests, etc.

During blow molding operations, if there are more than two people operating, the division of labor must be clear; when loading and unloading equipment or molds, the power supply and air source should be cut off, and a "maintenance" sign should be hung at the repair area; when large containers are produced, due to mold The cavity has a large volume. In order to prevent the human body from entering the mold cavity, a safety door should be installed. The mold cannot be closed when the door is not closed and people have not left the mold. During blow molding operations, do not perform high-temperature operations such as welding and gas cutting near the machine head. ; When running the cold machine, the operator cannot stand under the machine head to prevent the overheated melt from splashing and injuring people; when performing material crushing operations, do not open the outer cover for maintenance without cutting off the power supply.

(3) Safety protection of the machine. The machine should be equipped with overload protection and safety protection devices.

A simple overload protection device is to install a safety pin on the drive pulley. Once the transmission is abnormal and the safety pin breaks, the machine will stop transmission.

Fixed temperature start-up protection device. Install a constant temperature starter on the blow molding machine. If the blow molding machine does not reach the set heating temperature, the blow molding machine will not start even if the start button is pressed.

Blow molding machine safety and explosion-proof device. The device's explosion-proof diaphragm can withstand a certain range of melt pressure.

The magnetic frame is installed in the hopper of the blow molding machine and uses the magnetic field of the permanent magnet to prevent steel and metal debris from entering the blow molding machine.

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