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What packaging is needed for exporting dangerous goods?


Latest company news about What packaging is needed for exporting dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods refer to substances that endanger human life and property due to combustion, explosion, corrosion, poisoning, radioactive radiation, etc. Dangerous goods have special and strict requirements for packaging, stowage, isolation, loading and unloading, management, transportation conditions and fire and first aid measures. Its safe transportation is closely related to the safety of people's lives and property. Packaging directly affects the safe transportation of dangerous goods, so dangerous goods require stricter packaging.


Regarding the use of packaging for exporting dangerous goods, the state stipulates that enterprises that produce packaging containers for exporting dangerous goods must apply to the inspection and quarantine agency for performance appraisal of packaging containers.

Enterprises that produce and export dangerous goods must apply to the inspection and quarantine agency for identification of packaging containers. Dangerous goods using unidentified packaging containers are not allowed to be exported.


There are three categories of dangerous goods packaging: I, II, and III.


Class I packaging: The goods are highly dangerous and require high packaging strength.


Category II packaging: The goods are of medium risk and require high packaging strength.


Category III packaging: The goods are of low risk and the packaging strength requirements are average.


This standard applies to export dangerous goods packaging with a volume of no more than 450 liters (liquid loading) and a net weight of no more than 400 kilograms (except for packaging of pressure receptacles, radioactive substances and infectious substances)

For Class 3 dangerous goods, the packaging category is determined based on the flash point. The lower the flash point, the more dangerous it is!


PG I: Flash point is less than -18℃

PGII: flash point between -18℃ and 23℃

PGIII: flash point greater than 23℃


1. Packaging requirements for corrosive items: The key to packaging corrosive items is to pay attention to the changes between items and containers.

① For such volatile corrosive items, acid-resistant containers should be used, sealed and stored in wooden boxes.

② Metal containers need to be painted with anti-corrosion paint to block corrosion of corrosive items on the metal containers.

③Do not use glass containers for hydrofluoric acid as it will corrode. Plastic buckets or metal buckets should be used.


2. Packaging requirements for explosive and flammable items:

① The explosion-proof barrel is equipped with a safety valve, which can automatically adjust the deflation when the pressure in the barrel increases.

②Package in plastic barrels and put into iron or wooden boxes

③The weight of explosive items in each barrel cannot exceed 50 kilograms.


3. Packaging requirements for toxic goods: The main requirements for dangerous goods packaging are that they must not be breathable and must be tightly packed.

① For organic pesticide items, use asphalt sacks with tight seams. If packed in plastic bags or asphalt paper bags, the outside should be packed in gunny bags or cloth bags.

② There must be obvious signs of toxic substances.

③ For toxic crystals such as heavy potassium and heavy sodium, they should be packed in sturdy buckets. The mouth of the bucket should be tight and leak-proof, and the wall of the bucket should not be less than 1.2 mm.

It can be seen from the above that there are many types of dangerous goods, including liquids, powders, compressed gases, solids, etc. Each type of packaging method is different. The packaging of dangerous goods varies greatly according to the nature of the object; at the same time Strict and professional regulations are needed in transportation to better avoid and respond to unexpected events.


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