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450pcs MOQ Heavy Duty Stackable Plastic Pallet Nine Foot Style

450pcs MOQ Heavy Duty Stackable Plastic Pallet Nine Foot Style

Heavy Duty Stackable Plastic Pallet

SGS Stackable Plastic Pallet

Stackable Reusable Plastic Pallet

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nine foot

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Product Details
Nine Foot
Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Non-slip
Warehouse, Logistics, Etc.
Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing the Stackable Plastic Pallet from OEM. This nine foot pallet is made of durable and corrosion-resistant plastic, and comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, and other options. It's designed to stack easily, making it great for storage. Plus, it's non-slip, making it the perfect solution for transporting and handling your goods. And with the OEM Stackable Plastic Pallet, you can take advantage of the amazing benefits of plastic stacking pallets, without worrying about their durability.



  • Product Name: Stackable Plastic Pallet
  • Feature: Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Non-slip
  • Style: Nine Foot
  • MOQ: 450pcs
  • Packaging: Pallet
  • Brand: OEM
  • Keywords: Plastic Stacking Pallet, Reusable Plastic Pallet, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Style Nine Foot
Material Plastic
Feature Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Non-slip
Brand OEM
MOQ 450pcs
Usage Warehouse, Logistics, Etc.
Packaging Pallet
Color Blue,Black,Other
Special Plastic Layer Pallet, Piling Plastic Pallet, Plastic Layer Pallet with Non-slip


Stackable Plastic Pallet is an ideal solution for warehouse, logistics, and other applications. The model number is nine foot, and it is made in China with SGS/FDA/ISO9001/CAS certification. The MOQ is 450pcs, and the price is available upon request. The packaging is PE film, and the delivery time is 7-14 days. The payment terms are T/T, and the style is nine foot. The brand is OEM, and the packaging is pallet. The reusable plastic pallet is stackable and layered, providing a stable and reliable platform for warehouse and logistics operations. The nine foot pallet is perfect for storage and transportation of goods in various industries, as it is robust and durable.



Our Stackable Plastic Pallet is the perfect choice for a variety of types of storage needs. It is made from durable, corrosion-resistant plastic that is strong enough to hold up to regular use. This layered pallet tray is ideal for storing items in warehouses, factories, garages, and other areas. It is also perfect for stacking items on a pallet carton.

Our Stackable Plastic Pallet is available in different models, with the most popular being the nine foot version. It is certified by multiple institutions, including SGS, FDA, ISO9001, and CAS. The minimum order quantity is 450 sets, and the price depends on the order size. It is packaged in PE film and will be delivered within 7-14 days. Payment terms are T/T, and the material is plastic.

The pallet is durable and corrosion-resistant, and it features a non-slip surface. It is easy to stack, and it comes in a nine foot style. With a minimum order quantity of 450pcs, you can easily store and transport your goods in a safe and efficient manner.


Support and Services:

Stackable Plastic Pallet Technical Support and Services

At Stackable Plastic Pallet, we provide comprehensive technical support and services to our customers. Our team of highly trained professionals are always on hand to provide professional advice and assistance to our customers.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Installation & Maintenance Services
  • Repair Services
  • Replacement Parts & Accessories
  • Technical & Troubleshooting Support
  • Training & Educational Resources

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

Stackable Plastic Pallet Packaging and Shipping:

The stackable plastic pallet is wrapped in a durable plastic film and secured with plastic bands to ensure secure packaging. The pallet is then placed in a cardboard box or container for additional protection. The package is then sealed with heavy-duty tape or adhesive. The package is then labeled with the product information and shipping instructions.

The package is then ready to be shipped via truck, train, or air depending on the size of the shipment. The package is tracked throughout the shipping process to ensure it is delivered safely and on time.

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